Mission & Vision

Brand Mission

Our Mission is refelected by our logo. Our logo contains an abstract Phoenix bird. Just like the bird Phoenix we would like to rise from the “ashes”. Unfortunately we are living in a society where harmful synthetics and chemicals are “allowed” and where overconsumption is the new trend. This lifestyle comes with consequences. Oceans are filled with plastic, new diseases occur, global warming, forest deformation and so on are all examples of the horrible fact that the earth is sick.

Brand Vision

Our brand envisions a life-changing experience for our customers. We understand their need for simple formulations that effectively address their skincare concerns. By offering multi-purpose products, we aim to save our customers valuable time in their skincare routines.

Central to our vision is the commitment to protect our customers. We prioritize the use of safe ingredients, ensuring that our products not only deliver desired results but also maintain the well-being of our customers.

Our brand is dedicated to transforming lives by striving to give our customers peace of mind, not only for themselves but also for their loved ones, one soap at a time!

Our Brand Pillars


Revolt against the Mainstream!

Refuse to settle for the low-quality ingredients used by corporate giants just to make a buck!


Rebuild a Better Society

By accepting only what is good we will demand excellence from everyone!


Rebirth into a Better World

Finally we will enter a new world, a Better World!

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