Build Your Own Elevation Soap Box

Mix & Match 6 Soap Bars
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Each bar is 3.5 OZ
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✅ Fragrance-Free Soap Bars with Plant-Powered Ingredients ONLY!

✅ Mix & Match: 6 Soap Bars of Your Choice

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✅ Safe for Sensitive Skin 

❌ No Chemicals, Synthetics, Parabens or Sulfates! 

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Clear Ingredients Integrity


100% Plant-Based Ingredients


Clean & Safe Ingredients

Formulated with less than 10 Ingredients!

Safe for Sensitive Skin


To discover your perfect Soap Bar Match please take our free Skin Quiz to determine your skin type and receive personalized recommendations. Click HERE get started!

Keep your bar as dry as possible, it will last longer if you keep away from water between uses. After using, place the soap bar on a soap dish that allows it to dry. Click HERE for more information.

Soap Bars are in general Eco-Friendly, Cost-Effective, Versatile and Formulated with Excellence. For detailed insights, click HERE to explore our comprehensive article.

  • Colored with Natural Herbs & Clays (NO Mica Powders)
  • Palm Oil Free
  • Formulated with your Family in Mind!

For more information please click HERE.

  • Everyday Soap Bar

3.5-6 weeks

  • Everyday Baby Soap Bar

4-12 weeks

  • Everytime Fur Soap Bar

4-8 Months.